Saturday, November 27, 2010

photo ohh photoo

good day everyone =)

*just a simple entry*

i have a boyfie

we have been together for almost 14 months

suddenly he loves to take photos

but he has no skills

he learned by himself

he snapped wuteva he want

whenever and wherever

one day

we were on dating

i was talking blah blah blah

n i thought he is listening

but suddenly he stopped d car

n snap a picture 

i was likee...

about to get angry

but, from his face i can see

he honestly into this photography thingy

then i smiled.....

 now, he has a blog

he just started 

its a long way to go
n he still learning

by himself

so friends

do support him

by follow his blog :)

thanks ... 

just click the picture and follow k


ok bye !

1 comment:

Sophia Rani said...

haaaa.. bagus tol... bro da join da club