Monday, November 22, 2010

i dont belong here but im happy for today

salam people :)

short entry
teaser for tomorrow

so exhausted
d traffic was really suck !
but finally im here
at parit raja
 d place i dont belong

but im happy
bcoz he made my day
i love u so much ! 

thanks ALLAH for our blessed journey
 syukur alhamdullillah we made it
after 9hours stuck in d highway

my family
i miss u guyz already
3 weeks was not enough
i wanted moreeee !

my vivot
mama mish u
so sad when i saw other vivas having d same journey with us
they looked like u
n made me miss u even more ! 

tomorrow im gonna watch HP part 1 with him
im not so excited bout tht but i love to accompany him <3

darling, i wanna let u know tht im so broke
hope u'll understand, hehe 

p/s: collect the coins is fun ekceli ! 


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