Saturday, April 24, 2010

yeah baby..this is for you

to my hilarious, gorgeous, beautiful, sweet, fantastic, skinny NADIA BABE
HAPPY 21's BIRTHDAY ! ! ! ! ! !

u got the key already sayang :)

well, i miss u so damn much
im missing all things that we did together

babe, walaupun kite jauh
u jaga diri tau !!
well, i tgk u pon happy skrg dgn people d sekeliling u
im happy 4 u
just dont forget me
dont forget our memories together
coz its will neva b fade off from my mind
i love u so much
damn much
i miss u
i miss talking together until late nite wit u
i miss gossiping with u
i miss everything !!

p/s : call maxis to maxis free isnt it??so, do ur job !!!!

kita tyme dulu2..hahahaha

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