Monday, October 25, 2010

renung renung kan dan selamat beramal

salam people :)

nothing much to say
but there is one thing
that i think people need to understand 

people come n go in your life for reasons

in this life nobody is perfect 
every mistake is made but there should be a second chance
but if there is a second chance, the trust will not be the same
people will not judge you bad if you not act bad
people will not judge you good if you not act good
that is how its roll.

so, when people seems like ignoring you, there might be a reason
you cant blame others
but blame yourself
people have their own rights on themselves
so you have no right to argue on what they did to you

 i did felt the same way
in my life
lotsa things happened
but im not goin' to blame others
im just regret on what i had done before
i'm trying to change
to be a better person

thats it

p/s: i'm not good talking like this, my bad coz its sooo not me

english pun teruk maka selamat jalan romeo !