Sunday, October 3, 2010

facial percuma yang bernilai rm440 !!!!!

salam people..
pagi td tibe2 hp i berbunyi
i igt en.gagah i call xpun baby call
then ade 1 unknown number
i pn jwb

me/the unknown number/kata2 dlm hati 

hello (suara mngantuk)
hello may i speak to miss sujiana amad temizeeerr 
(aku dh tau dh mesti amoi ni slalu pronounce nme aku cmni)
yes speaking, who's dis??
im calling from CRES beauty centre, u did apply for free facial with us didnt u??
yes yes yes (time ni sumpah dh xmngntuk n teruja sgt)
 so, miss u r the among lucky 100th people tht can have our special offer free facial tht worth rm440
omg, is it true (bahahahah, sumpah ak xtau nk ckp pe)
yes, of coz (dia tergelak dgn reaksi aku, mcm mng nombor ekor plak)
thank u so much yea miss when do u free?? i'll make u d appointment bout friday??15oct??
15oct wait aaaa....ok miss at 4pm but then u couldn't get the free product laa coz only within a week we will give u d free gift..
haaa???if so i wanna change d date lh..8oct is it ok?
hold on ya miss, owwhhh if 8oct we only free at 8pm, is it ok with u?
8pm??ok jee (hahah)
may i know ur ic number?
oooohh 89101508#$^& 
ok then if u wanna make a cancellation or have any inquiry please do contact this number k
 wut number???
this number tht im calling u
ooohhh yeah yeah..but miss i hve another problem with the term n condition 
yea, wut it is
erm erm since i have to be 21years old to get dis promotion, but my birthday is on 15th oct so i only be 21years old on dis coming 15th how??
 owwhh, thts y u asked for 15oct just now..haha..hold on ya, i'll check 4 u
ok..(huhue dlm ati)
miss, its ok we dont mind, u still can enjoy our promotion
oh yeah thank you so much
welcome, have a nice day

punyela baek amoi ni
dh la percuma :)

so, nnt aku update psl facial free ni ya
n utk korg2 yg nk jgk facial free sila ke website ini n click ya,saya mahu cuba

p/s : thanks ee sbb i bace dkt blog u lh i tau ttg promotion ni :) 

oh ya..semalam punye food journal
02 oct 2010 

cereal (2packet) = 188kcal
cekodok = 180kcal
mee hongkong = 300kcal
fresh oren = 98.4kcal
TOTAL : 766.4kcal  (yeah!!)

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