Monday, February 7, 2011

nice tummy nice food

hello people :)
happy Chinese new year to all who celebrated this festival
those who live in Austin Perdana, Johor Bahru
thanks for the extravaganza super powerful fireworks
then i have to say that i cant sleep for 3 nights bcause of the pamm pomm pangg paanggg *bunyik mercun*
very nice !


well who doesn't love food??
if i say i don't like food at all
you can just take a gun, pull the trigger and shoot me up 
I just feel grateful because all the people around me love to eat :)

so, here are some pictures of lovely persons of mine having a great foods 
and we enjoyed until the last bite

*me with my dear azzarina khamis*

we actually have planned for this makan-makan since last year..yeah last year because we were so craving for the banana, when i have a lil bit extra money why not i treat this lovely girl as a reward for her to finish her thesis :P

*me and my mok mok*

pizza time with my love..well, look at his body n mine and make your own conclusion..everybody knows that we are couple for eat..i gained almost 10kilos since we declared last it truly amazing????


before this i wasn't truly enjoyed this camera when my dad gave it to me as my last year birthday present. because to me the size is big and not handy at all..i kinda love the pocket camera more than this know when i have to bring the bag along with me, its ain't cool, this camera produce a really super amazing sharp photos which is i don't like it, haha!!!but now, i'm so in  love with this camera when i just hanging it on my shoulder n my mok mok had adjusted the colour or something that i don't really know and i don't care, the colour has been a lil bit warm n i love it so muuucchhhh!!!thanks mok mok <3

ok thats it for today tata !!